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Welcome to Generations Jazz Trio

Simply put, "The Most Exceptional Jazz Around". The make-up of this jazz trio is unique as they are all educated in various types of music and are able to adapt to different types of venues, from large show's to small intimate settings. The band's versatility shows in all the performances they have given. In 2012 the trio made a change in the lineup and brought in a new member, DeLoy Goeglein.  Marianne Finch and Dino Cuneo auditioned many pianists, and finally met DeLoy Goeglein, who has proven to be a great addition to the trio.  Generations Jazz Trio is back in full swing playing shows, and are presently laying down some new tracks in Snoasis Records Recording Studio.  There are 3 new songs that you can enjoy below. Thank you for visiting our site, and we look forward to seeing you at a show...



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